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Author Archive: nikki

Mango & Cashew Salad

The original creator of this salad was Neil Perry for the SMH’s Good Weekend magazine. It’s so tangy and delicious that I make it all the time, but I generally never follow recipes to the letter so it always changes a bit depending on what I have. Neil’s original recipe for example was with macadamias but […]

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When you Squeeze, your Organs Wheeze!

The Secret to all Balances….? In a fitness or yoga class situation, if you are instructed to “engage your core” what do you automatically do? Chances are you will tighten and/or squeeze something. Or even a lot of things – and it would take a lot more than a few lines of text here to […]

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Raw Chocolate Organic Fruit & Nut Energy Bites

Finally, here is the recipe for the raw chocolate energy bars I made a few weeks ago as sustenance on an almost 30k walk without having to stop to eat a meal. I wanted to take something that was easy to nibble on the go, wouldn’t feel too filling and contained all the essential ingredients […]

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Building Resilience

“When you have a problem, see if you can find out for yourself why you have a problem“ – SHUNRYU SUZUKI During the 70s and 80s when I was growing up in the UK I don’t remember children’s feelings being indulged at all. At least not in my world. Many of us were told to […]

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Why we all need to Go The XXXX To Sleep!

Although balance is often discussed in our modern life in terms of diet and exercise, sometimes I think we forget about one absolutely vital element that costs nothing, but yet is often difficult to source; rest and proper sleep. The effects of not sleeping properly are many and varied and none of them are positive. How many times have you heard […]

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