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Author Archive: nikki

The Year My Life Broke

I’m sure I am not alone when I think back to all the nervousness and excitement associated with the Y2K bug in that it seems like only five minutes ago. The year 2000 was a massive life shift for me. To put it bluntly, everything really did fall to shit and my life really did seem to break. But, that aside, all life experiences – good or bad – can be useful tools for change and growth (after the fact of course and as long as we don’t let them get the better of us).

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Sharing & Caring: “Aparigraha”

I find myself challenged by something that relates to this one this week….”Aparigraha”, one of the yogic yamas in accordance with Patanjali’s sutras is generally interpreted as meaning that as humans, we should not give in to greed. Essentially, though, “aparigraha” describes the practice of healthy detachment and perhaps also the ability to be accepting […]

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Why Oral Hygiene is So Important

According to yoga and ayurvedic philosophy, abiding by a healthy, daily routine (dincharya) and incorporating certain rituals are important if we are to live well and remain on the straight and narrow. This is the essence of the niyama tapas – which essentially means that we should always try to do our best (another interpretation of tapas is “burning enthusiasm”). In short, […]

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The Secret to Happiness? Enough with The Striving (You’re Good Enough Already)

To strive is to constantly feel there is something we haven’t quite got yet, but when/if we do get it, we will feel better. If we keep striving, we (believe we) will get “there”. “Here” is obviously no good. Eventually, one day, we will fill the empty space that gnaws at us. All will be well and we will finally be happy and content. Unfortunately, once we are “there”, “there” is suddenly here again, but, hey, look over there , because once again, over there seems better…Mmm…

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What is Really Meant By Cardio-Vascular Health & Fitness?

Cardio-Vascular fitness is obtained or maintained by enhancing blood circulation and optimising the ability of our organs and muscles to efficiently move oxygen around the body and into the cells.

Yogic health science might describe oxygen and blood as citta or prana, traditional Chinese Medicine as qi. But what’s interesting here is that although we hear over and over again that we should be “raising our heart rate” (in order to be able to achieve the above), we also KNOW that the healthiest people – elite athletes, yogis, divers – tend to have the lowest, resting heart rates. The resting heart rates of unhealthy or anxious people however – for example those with lots of medical problems due to lifestyle, diet or illness – may be higher than average.

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Why All Yoga is “Kundalini” Yoga

Not long ago someone asked me if I taught ‪kundalini‬ yoga. The fact is, that ALL yoga is kundalini yoga inasmuch as labelling different “styles” of yoga began in our Western world. Certainly it is not traditional because at its core (pardon the pun), when taught properly, yoga is yoga. All styles have, at their essence, the same philosophy and the same goal (to not be attached to!).

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Alkalise or Die? Not Quite…

Does your body want to be alkaline? Actually, no, not really. Your blood PH wants to be neutral and will do whatever it can to try to maintain that state. For example, calcium will be leached from the bones into the blood if there is too much acidity. But, alkalosis is as dangerous as acidosis.

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