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Ah Summertime….! 

Yogis, as I sit here now, editing this website to reflect the fact that we are now on a summer break until school goes back next year, I am also thinking about what a year 2020 ended up being! I sincerely hope you and your family have made it through relatively unscathed.

When we make a conscious decision to let go of expectation, life is easier. We can rarely predict outcomes so there is little point in getting overly frustrated about what is. Personally, I tend towards a positive mindset and so am very much looking forward to a new Year of Yoga with all of its many benefits in 2021 and do hope you are able to join me!

Longterm transformation begins with one conscious decision that turns into a positive habit. Often it’s that one, seemingly small thing that we stick with; that one thing that we make time for, that ends up rewiring our unconscious patterning. That’s when the magic happens and we start to see small, organic shifts in many other aspects of our life. We don’t need to force it, we just need to let it flow.

All that said, please do know that I will happily refund, defer your payment or offer you an online alternative (this will be your choice) in the unlikely (praise be) event that things get serious Covid-wise in NSW again.

Our next Yoga Course Sessions (Term 1, 2021) begin with the school term. Book in now!

Would you like to try a form of movement-based yoga taught from a more natural but yet modern perspective? A style that accepts your Western body is different from a traditional, original yoga body?  A sequence that works WITH your nervous system, not against it?

YogaSphere offers a number of Hatha Vinyasa-Krama style classes and courses, as well as private, one-on-one coaching sessions and pre-organised, personal group classes. Now and again, we offer specific workshops and yoga immersions. 

So what does Hatha Vinyasa Krama Mean Exactly?

The word “Hatha” pretty much means the same as Yin/Yang except it’s Ha/Tha (pronounced ta, not tha). Some poses and exercises are heating and more dynamic, others are cooling and more passive. Generally though, our mind serves us better somewhere in the middle.

A “Vinyasa” is a dynamic yoga-based exercise (a fluid movement of sorts) and “Krama” means steps.

In other words Vinyasa-Krama = Intelligent steps towards a “goal”

Our therapeutic, flowing sequences combine traditional Yoga postures & qi gong with modern exercise science.

They are designed intelligently; from an applied anatomical and physiological perspective. This means that every posture and exercise organically preps the body for the next pose or dynamic exercise by releasing specific, relevant muscles.

Provided you pay attention, do not exceed your limitations or buy into thoughts of competitiveness, you will discover that in time, your muscles have lengthened without painful and dangerous feelings of “stretch”  and you have become stronger without as much energy, effort or physical tension. You will discover that your range of movement increases and you feel less clumsy and more fluid. You will sleep more restfully, feel calmer and, even without “aerobics” (what we call “cardio”) you will probably still end up fitter than many of your friends.

This is Hatha Vinaysa-Krama Yoga.

Term One 2021, SUMMER Yoga –  9-wk Vinyasa-Krama Classes & Courses.

We KNOW and UNDERSTAND what we do and why it is we do it! Consistency is the key. 

Monday, 9.00-10.15am – beg/gen, 1 Feb -29 March CASUAL, DROP IN

Monday, 6.30-7.45pm – beg/gen COURSE, 1 Feb -29 March – book

Tuesday 9.45-11.00am –  gen ONLINE LIVE/REC, 2 Feb -30 March – book *

Tuesday 4.30-5.45pm –  beg/gen COURSE, 2 Feb -30 March – book

Thursday 9.00-10.15am – beg/gen 4 Feb- 1 April CASUAL, DROP IN

Thursday 6.30-7.45pm – gen COURSE 4 Feb- 1 April book

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  • The online class will be recorded live Tuesday mornings at 9.45am.
  • “Attendees” can practise the class live or watch the recording which will be available until the following Monday evening.
  • On-line only is $108 for nine sessions and you can do the class as many times as you like within the week.
  • The online class can be done casually as a one-off  for the price of a normal casual class. Contact me and I will send you the link.
  • Anyone who books in to two or more Face to Face Yoga courses will have access to the online recording for a one-off extra fee of $30 for Term 1.

I am PASSIONATE about this style of yoga and how the benefits unfold over the longterm. However, I get that signing up for a whole term  can feel like a BIG decision! Therefore, I will happily REFUND your money if, once the course finishes, following regular, WEEKLY attendance, you truly feel as if there is absolutely nothing positive to report.

*NB: Important: A condition of booking in or attending these classes whether online or face to face is making sure that you have read and understood all the information detailed here. This includes the style of class and suitability as well as terms and conditions regarding make-up classes and class passes. 

Important: which class is suitable for you?

Vinyasa-Krama (Nikki Shilling)

Individual Suitability 

  • It is really important that you understand the nature of the Vinyasa-Krama style before turning up or booking in. You must be able to get up and down off the floor reasonably quickly, as well as being able to do things like get in and out of bed and walk up and down stairs with ease.
  • These classes are group sessions. They are GENERAL and of course offer GENERAL therapeutic benefits for MOST people.  However, you are unlikely to receive special attention. Yoga therapy sessions for specific needs are extremely useful but only available one-on-one. 
  • If you have not thought about your body for a while, you may find it takes a few weeks for the mind/body connection (somatic awareness) to kick back in. You might find it difficult at first to interpret the verbal and visual instructions. Be patient and careful, but please do not give up. This is a valuable part of the practice that will serve you health-wise. Body/mind awareness offers you immense tools for understanding, self-healing and avoiding non-serious ailments.

Classes are held at our dedicated yoga studio, 18 Melaleuca Drive, One Mile. Equipment, including mats and blankets are available to borrow. However, you are welcome to BYO everything.


Class description:

Every “body” needs fluid, non-aggressive movement more than it needs static posture, over-tensing and over-stretching. YogaSphere beginners/general group vinyasa-krama classes are suitable for most people with a reasonable level of fitness and range of movement. If you are not so fit and haven’t stretched for a while, please leave your ego at the door and come into class with an open mind, an open heart, patience and a willingness to be kind to yourself and your body. In these classes, we always start with an easier variation of a pose and sometimes “add-ons” are offered. Because every “body” is unique, it may be necessary to modify some exercises and/or stick to the easier variations. It is extremely important that you always take responsibility for your own body. Competitiveness, pride and/or worrying about what others are doing means it can be hard to stay focussed on you! Group classes are not suitable for people with serious injuries or health conditions. Please contact me to organise a private, one-on-one yoga or exercise therapy session if you need help to manage or work through a special condition.

**General Intermediate level can mean the class moves slightly faster and may be a little more intense at times. However, mostly, it is no different- you are the boss of yourself! Stronger versions of postures may be offered (albeit all optional). It assumes some knowledge and prior experience of yoga or a reasonable level of fitness or body awareness. You certainly don’t have to be a gymnast but you must be willing to modify and to work at your own level. An intermediate yogi is one who is content to practise easier variations with awareness, not the other way around.  Please contact me to discuss if you are not sure.

Why Do A Course Block?

Doing a set of classes in a block is a perfect way to learn a bit more about yoga and, perhaps, more importantly, to begin to incorporate regular practice into your life as part of an overall healthy routine. Yoga is a massive lifestyle philosophy that actually has nothing to do with being bendy, strong or perfecting poses. It does however have lots to do with commitment and attitude. Positive transformation generally unfolds over time if we are at least consistent with our healthy lifestyle habits (and not too hard on ourselves!). In the end, we all get better at what we do regularly – doesn’t matter what it is – and you will be surprised at how quickly your strength, flexibility and range of movement increases. But that’s just physical stuff. On a physiological level, as a beginner, by about week 4 perhaps, you will be sleeping better, have better focus and concentration and should be feeling so much more relaxed. Your circulation, digestion and organ health generally will improve – the stuff you can’t see! I try to keep multiple course prices low – to encourage you to come. I guarantee you will see and feel a difference in yourself after six weeks of regular classes!

Important Pre-requisite…
A condition of booking in is that you have read and understood the class description and our Terms and Conditions to make sure the class style and level is appropriate for you.

Private sessions, Yoga Therapy, Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coaching, Healthy “Hens” & More..

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**Please do not forget to familiarise yourself with our Terms and Conditions

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