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Vinyasa-Krama & Other Yoga Courses: Term One, 2020


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Attending a course is a perfect way to learn and understand a bit more about yoga and to instil a bit of discipline by committing to a regular practice. With consistent effort, we become more adept and you will be surprised at how quickly your strength, flexibility, coordination and range of movement increases. For a beginner, by about week 4, you will notice that things are starting to feel really good! Course price is low – to encourage you to come. I guarantee you will see and feel a difference in yourself after approximately four weeks of regular attendance.

Term One 2020, SUMMER Yoga –  10-wk  Vinyasa-Krama Courses.

***We are trialling a NEW four-wk program this term – a class for teenagers to help them navigate through all the stuff they are dealing with at the moment; study, technology and life generally.

We KNOW and UNDERSTAND what we do and why it is we do it! Consistency is the key. Be aware we have VERY GENEROUS DISCOUNTS available for anyone booking in to two or more courses!

Monday, 6.30-7.45pm – beg/gen, 3 Feb – 6 April book

Monday (Yoga For Teens), 4.30-5.30pm, 3 Feb – 24 Feb book

Tuesday 4.30-5.45pm –  beg/gen, 4 Feb- 7 April book

Thursday 6.45-8.00pm – beg/gen 6 Feb – 9 December  book 

I am PASSIONATE about the benefits of this style of yoga and how the benefits unfold over the longterm. However, I get that signing up for a whole term  can feel like a BIG decision! Therefore, I will happily REFUND your money if, once the course finishes, following regular, WEEKLY attendance, you truly feel as if there is absolutely nothing positive to report.

*NB: Important: A condition of booking in or attending these classes is making sure that you have read and understood all the information detailed here. This includes the style of class and suitability as well as terms and conditions regarding make-up classes and class passes.

Classes are held at our dedicated yoga studio, 18 Melaleuca Drive, One Mile. Equipment, including mats and blankets are available to borrow. I am afraid that due to freight and most yoga warehouses being in Melbourne, I do not stock yoga mats at the moment to purchase. You are more than welcome to BYO everything!

Class description:

Every “body” needs fluid, non-aggressive movement more than it needs static posture, over-tensing and over-stretching. YogaSphere beginners/general group vinyasa-krama classes are suitable for most people with a reasonable level of fitness and range of movement. If you are not so fit and haven’t stretched for a while, please leave your ego at the door and come into class with an open mind, an open heart, patience and a willingness to be kind to yourself and your body. In these classes, we always start with an easier variation of a pose and sometimes “add-ons” are offered. Because every “body” is unique, it may be necessary to modify some exercises and/or stick to the easier variations. It is extremely important that you always take responsibility for your own body. Competitiveness, pride and/or worrying about what others are doing means it can be hard to stay focussed on you! Group classes are not suitable for people with serious injuries or health conditions. Please contact me to organise a private, one-on-one yoga or exercise therapy session if you need help to manage or work through a special condition.

**General Intermediate level means the class moves slightly faster and may be a little more intense. Stronger versions of postures may be offered (albeit all optional). It assumes some knowledge and prior experience of yoga or reasonable level of fitness. You certainly don’t have to be a gymnast but you must be willing to modify and to work at your own level. An intermediate yogi is one who is content to practise easier variations with awareness, not the other way around.  Please contact me to discuss if you are not sure.

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Monday Eve 6.30- 7.45pm 3 Feb – 6 April, Monday Arvo YOGA FOR TEENS 4wk session, 4.30- 5.30 pm 9 March – 30 March, Tuesday ARVO 4.30-5.45pm 4 Feb – 7 April, Thursday EVE THIS CLASS IS FULL, Monday & Thursday Eve, Tuesday Arvo & Thursday Eve, Monday & Tues Arvo, Monday eve, Tues arvo and Thursday eve


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