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Health enthusiasts, as I edit this website, many restrictions have lifted and some Yoga studios and gyms have reopened.

We will be back in our studio for face-to-face classes at the beginning of Term 3, when I am hopeful that things will have moved on again and we can more or less go “back to normal”. 

However, bearing in mind what is happening in Victoria at the moment, please do know that I will happily refund, defer your payment or offer you an online alternative (this will be your choice) should things get serious Covid-wise in NSW again.

To all those who joined me near and far for online classes last term, I thank you and aim to continue with online – albeit (hopefully!), just one class per week right now!

For everyone else, I do hope you will join me in the studio.

Term Three 2020, Winter Yoga –  10-wk Vinyasa-Krama Classes & Courses.

We KNOW and UNDERSTAND what we do and why it is we do it! Consistency is the key. 


 *9.30-10.45pm – beg/gen CASUAL, All welcome – pay here

6.30-7.45pm – beg/gen  COURSE, 20 July-21 September book


4.30-5.45pm –  beg/gen course, 21 July-22 September book

6:15-7:15pm –  gen ONLINE LIVE AND RECORDED,  21 Jul-22 Sep book*


10.00-11.15 – Dru Yoga with Suzie Williams (Call: 0413 332 933)


*10.00-11am – beg/gen CASUAL, All welcome  – pay here

4.45-5.45am – Yoga for Teens (12+)  five-wks 21 Jul-20 Aug  – Book

6.30-7.45pm – gen course 23 July-24 September book

BOOK A COURSE (No booking required for casual attendees)

(Scroll back up for direct debit details)


  • The online class will be recorded live Tuesday evenings 6.15-7.15pm* (this can be negotiated with attendees)
  • “Attendees” can practise the class live or watch the recording which will be available for five days.
  • On-line only is $100 for the term
  • Anyone who books in to two or more Face to Face Yoga courses will have access to the online recording for a one-off extra fee of $30.

Important information for attendees:

  • Please be aware that the timetable shows our  normal term-time scheduled classes.  However, during school holidays, classes may not run to this schedule. During schoolies, our regular classes will not show up on the daily calendar. Please contact us or check the updated weekly schedule on the website to see what events/classes are running.
  • Classes always begin on time. Always. Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior – particularly if you are a new student – in order to set up, relax and/or talk to the teacher if you need to.  To participate in a group class, students need to be feeling well and in good physical health. If you are not sure, please call to discuss before attending.

Individual Suitability 

  • It is really important that you read the class style before turning up. You must be able to get up and down off the floor without issue and get in and out of bed and walk up and down stairs with ease.
  • These classes are group sessions. They are GENERAL and of course offer SOME therapeutic benefits for MOST people.  However, in a class you are unlikely to receive personal attention. Yoga therapy sessions for specific needs are only available one-on-one.
  • If you have not thought about your body for a while, you may find it takes a few weeks for the mind/body connection (somatic awareness) to kick back in. You might find it difficult at first to interpret the verbal and visual instructions. Be patient and careful, but please do not give up. This is a valuable part of the practice that will serve you health-wise. Body/mind (somatic) awareness offers you immense tools for understanding, self-healing and avoiding non-serious ailments.

Please read our Terms & Conditions Prior to Booking in.

Vinyasa-Krama Yoga

YogaSphere group vinyasa-krama classes are suitable for most people with a reasonable level of fitness and range of movement. If you are not so fit and haven’t stretched for a while, please leave your ego at the door and come into class with an open mind, an open heart, patience and a willingness to be kind to yourself and your body! In these classes, we always start with an easier variation of a pose and sometimes optional “add-ons” are offered. Because every “body” is unique, some people may find that they need to modify some exercises and/or stick to the easier variations. It is extremely important that you always take responsibility for your own body. Competitiveness, pride and/or worrying about what others are doing means it can be hard to stay focussed on you! It is also important to note that these are group rather than remedial classes and therefore not suitable for people with serious injuries or health conditions.


  1. says:

    Hi Nikki, a friend and I would like to book into your next round of vinyasa starting Tuesday 27th October. can you let me know how to go about this,

    thanks, karen

  2. says:

    Hi Nikki,

    I’m visiting the area for holidays this week and keen to know if you have any casual classes on? I notice you have the sunset class tomorrow but obviously the weather may not be helping.


    • says:

      Hi Phil

      Planning to do the class here at the studio. Will keep everything the same including the cost just as a courtesy. 18 Melaleuca Drive, One Mile.

      Hope to see you at 6pm tomorrow.

  3. says:

    I would like to attend a class next week. Please can you let me know the details of classes and where you are located.
    Could not seem to send this message from your Contact page.


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