Techniques to Work Towards a Press Handstand.

There’s no such word as can’t…

I never did think I would be able to do this – and sure, I still have work to do before I can float up effortlessly in the middle of a room, balance for five minutes while doing some upside down fancy things with my legs yet not fall backwards! But, I I can tell you that for most things like this, it is about 20% strength and about 80% technique. Most body builders – indeed most people – are naturally stronger than I am but hardly any body builders can do this. And that’s my point. The biggest clue I can offer you here is to stop thinking and tensing and start feeling and softening. One reason I hit the wall and it wasn’t so graceful in this clip was because I was explaining and thinking so that I could capture the moment on video. I have been teaching somebody who, when she relaxes, actually does float up (with my help). Over-thinking and desire to achieve however, suddenly turns her into a dead weight and then I cannot help and nothing happens.

So visualise your belly, work on your in-breathe and connect all the dots that have disconnected from each other over the years. xxx


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