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Terms & Conditions

Class Information

  • Five or 10-Class Casual Passes can be purchased for $75/$135 – cash, card or on-line for use at drop-in classes only.
  • There is no need to book for casual sessions – just turn up (it will be assumed you have read and understood the class descriptions and info on this website).
  • A single casual class is $18 (or $15 for those booked in to courses).
  • You have eight weeks to use your five-class pass from the time you first use it (unless something unforeseen happens such as illness or injury or there is a school holiday break). You have 16 weeks to use a 10-class pass.
  • Passes are not refundable once they have been purchased. They are also not transferable once they have been used (but you are welcome to buy one as a gift for someone).
  • Please purchase your pass prior to beginning your sessions. They are not retrospective for obvious reasons – credit usually costs extra!
  • If you do not want to buy a pass, please turn up with enough cash to pay for the class or a credit/cash card.

Make-up classes/refunds for pre-booked courses

  • Make-up classes can be arranged in 99.9% of cases provided 24 hours notice has been given regarding a missed class, however, they are at the discretion of the teacher – not obligatory.
  • It may not be possible to find a make-up option that suits but all classes/courses have been discounted in return for your commitment.
  • Cost is for the whole “item” and not an amount to be divided between the amount of classes in a session.
  • Any available make-up classes need to be done more or less within the time frame of that particular course session and no more than two per person per session unless there are specific circumstances.
  • Unless there are other specific, unforeseen circumstances such as serious illness or a serious injury that prevents mobility for a very long time, payment for courses is not refundable once a course begins. You can arrange for someone to take your place (from week one only) or it may be that you will need to postpone until your health returns.
  • Regular, on-going students who know they will only make three or so classes in a session are welcome to discuss with me rather than opting to miss the entire session.

Who shouldn’t come – SAFETY:

  • If you want to learn and practise things that are not relevant, suitable or safe for the majority of attendees – such as headstands, handstands, backflips and other acrobatics – then for safety reasons, either arrange for a private session, go somewhere else or stay at home if you cannot follow the class as it is.
  • Unfortunately, in very rare cases, people may be asked not to return if they:
    • Consistently emit a strong odour;
    • Chat or commentate through every class, check their phone, leave it on;
    • Take dangerous risks that may eventuate in them hurting themselves or others;
    • Find it difficult to be respectful; for example, turning up week after week late or without having paid for a session.

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