Flexible woman lifting one leg out out to the side in a Yoga pose, with two dogs, standing on the sand.

Yoga / Body-Weight Training? Here’s How

Unfortunately, on Earth, we are all at the mercy of gravity. It means that every single day, our joint spaces are getting a little bit smaller and (particularly the spinal joints) our bones are moving just a little bit closer together.

Feeling Free

3 Simple Words That Change Everything..

In a world full of lifestyle and health coaches, where “magic wand” offerings are ubiquitous and often questionable, I stand by a free and accessible technique that involves a few, simple words: Just Show Up. That is all. For a successful existence, Ayurvedic philosophy suggests we adopt a dincharya – pretty much a healthy, daily…

Yoga image with caption alluding to how dark losing control of the mind can be.

What Does it Mean to Be Stoic?

Even though I tend to be a glass half full kind of person, I really detest the sentiment of pretence when it comes to positive thinking.
Particularly when it’s dressed up as spirituality.

people walking on a dedicated trail path

How Much Exercise Do You Need?

(And Why Yoga & Walking Are Usually Enough..) When I first started practising Yoga consistently, more than 25 years ago, I was also a total gym junkie and had been since I was 17.  Certainly, I never, ever thought I’d give the gym up! As time went on though, I was getting so much from…

Twisting Dragon Fly in the Garden

Can I Get Stronger & More Flexible With Less Effort?

Twisting Dragon Fly Posture is an advanced pose that is more about trunk flexibility than strength.

Woman balancing on one leg demonstrating a Yoga pose where the lifted leg is straight out the front.

Should You Have a Knee Replacement?

Do you really need a knee replacement? If you have ever watched the BBC’s Trust me I’m a Doctor, you might remember the episode where the details of an interesting study on joint pain was presented that pretty much demonstrated that the most beneficial thing (for most people) was to do specific exercises that strengthen the muscles around that particular joint.

Yogis in Savasana in a yoga studio to depict the peaceful end to a Yoga class.

Asteya: Yoga in Daily Life

We all know that it is wrong to steal “stuff” – to take things that do not belong to us, to commit fraud or to plagiarise etc but there are other forms of stealing that are more relevant to the average person when it comes to observing the yamas and niyamas. When the class is relaxed, peaceful and quiet, it can be frustrating when someone’s phone rings or buzzes. It can affect the equanimity of the whole room if one person begins to shuffle around, sighing with boredom while everyone else is lying still in relaxation. Then there are those folk who seem to explode into a yoga room, often late and usually loudly, “stealing” others’ rights to some (often) rare quiet time.

Nikki Shilling demonstrating a Yoga Pose on Anna Bay Sand Dunes

How Does Yoga Help Your Mindset?

A few years ago, one of my older students – age and tenure! – told me that the reason she had initially decided to try Yoga was for her bad back. But, she said, not only did my back problem disappear, I was amazed at what it did for my mind.

How to Stretch: Yoga posture on Anna Bay Dunes.

Here’s Why “Stretching” Doesn’t Work

It’s certainly not difficult to see why so many people think Yoga is all about “stretching”, something they cannot do, that is only for “flexible” people.

Nikki Shilling tries a handstand on Birubi Sand Dunes in Port Stephens

How to Avoid Handstand Injuries

I love handstands and they are fun (depending on your idea of fun of course), but let’s not confuse gymnastics with Yoga. Being able to handstand is… just being able to handstand! The important thing is, can we have fun and avoid injury?