Yogis in Savasana in a yoga studio to depict the peaceful end to a Yoga class.

Asteya: Yoga in Daily Life

We all know that it is wrong to steal “stuff” – to take things that do not belong to us, to commit fraud or to plagiarise etc but there are other forms of stealing that are more relevant to the average person when it comes to observing the yamas and niyamas. When the class is relaxed, peaceful and quiet, it can be frustrating when someone’s phone rings or buzzes. It can affect the equanimity of the whole room if one person begins to shuffle around, sighing with boredom while everyone else is lying still in relaxation. Then there are those folk who seem to explode into a yoga room, often late and usually loudly, “stealing” others’ rights to some (often) rare quiet time.

Nikki Shilling demonstrating a Yoga Pose on Anna Bay Sand Dunes

How Does Yoga Help Your Mindset?

A few years ago, one of my older students – age and tenure! – told me that the reason she had initially decided to try Yoga was for her bad back. But, she said, not only did my back problem disappear, I was amazed at what it did for my mind.

How to Stretch: Yoga posture on Anna Bay Dunes.

Here’s Why “Stretching” Doesn’t Work

It’s certainly not difficult to see why so many people think Yoga is all about “stretching”, something they cannot do, that is only for “flexible” people.

Nikki Shilling tries a handstand on Birubi Sand Dunes in Port Stephens

How to Avoid Handstand Injuries

I love handstands and they are fun (depending on your idea of fun of course), but let’s not confuse gymnastics with Yoga. Being able to handstand is… just being able to handstand! The important thing is, can we have fun and avoid injury?

Image of a woman sitting at the edge of the harbour

Has Your Now-and-Then Become a Habit?

Forget Fitness Goals; Let’s Talk Personal Development It’s not an exaggeration to state that 2020 was an unusual and unprecedented situation for the entire planet! Even though things are manageable…


So What Does Hatha Vinyasa Krama Mean Exactly?

The word “Hatha” pretty much means the same as Yin/Yang except it’s Ha/Tha (pronounced ta, not tha). Some poses and exercises are heating and more dynamic, others might be cooling…


Get Off the Treadmill (& Say No to Calorie Counting)

It’s a fair observation that many people who do intense aerobic exercise just because they want to burn calories and lose weight often don’t really lose much weight – or…


Exercise Physiology, Posture & Breath: Being a Total Halfwit, what would I know? 

If you don’t know my background, let me fill you in. More than 20 years ago now, after 15 or so years of dabbling in Yoga now and then, loving…


How to…..Get “Better” at Balancing!

Balances are amazing for your health, both physically and mentally and so I’ve been thinking a lot about the answer to this question since someone asked me the other day; What is the best way to get better at balancing?


Core Strength? Butt Firing? Cardio? How do we Interpret Fitness Fashion Words?

In a healthy physiology, just before we go to do a thing, a reflex signal is sent via the NS to the brain. For example, if I see a heavy-looking bag and go to pick it up, ideally, the required protective muscles activate automatically and I don’t have to think too much about it. This happens when things are functioning as they should.