What Does it Mean to Be Stoic?

Should You Have a Knee Replacement?

Woman balancing on one leg demonstrating a Yoga pose where the lifted leg is straight out the front.

Do you really need a knee replacement? If you have ever watched the BBC’s Trust me I’m a Doctor, you might remember the episode where the details of an interesting study on joint pain was presented that pretty much demonstrated that the most beneficial thing (for most people) was to do specific exercises that strengthen the muscles around that particular joint.

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How Does Yoga Help Your Mindset?

Nikki Shilling demonstrating a Yoga Pose on Anna Bay Sand Dunes

A few years ago, one of my older students – age and tenure! – told me that the reason she had initially decided to try Yoga was for her bad back. But, she said, not only did my back problem disappear, I was amazed at what it did for my mind.

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Are You Sympathetic?

I’ve been posting a bit of stuff about the nervous system lately and what it means to be sympathetic dominant. I just wanted to explain this bit from a previous…

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