3 Simple Words That Change Everything..

In a world full of lifestyle and health coaches, where “magic wand” offerings are ubiquitous and often questionable, I stand by a free and accessible technique that involves a few, simple words:

Just Show Up.

That is all.

For a successful existence, Ayurvedic philosophy suggests we adopt a dincharya – pretty much a healthy, daily routine. And we commit to it. No excuses.

It means that no matter how tempestuous everything may feel around us, we observe our daily rituals regardless. 

We do it anyway.

Twenty-five years ago, I was all over the place really, but far out, how grounded did my Yoga classes make me feel!! I found myself desperate to get to class after work; virtually falling into that Yoga room with an immense sigh of relief..ahhh!

This routine provides us with an anchor.

So, I made a commitment to it and resolved to turn up No Matter What.

And I did. And I got my shit together.

Not in a week. But it happened. 

I let go of what couldn’t be changed and stopped worrying so much about the future.

All those annoying modern maladies that I’d suffered – insomnia, IBS, headaches, anxiety etc etc – diminished or disappeared completely. In fact, I sometimes can’t remember who that person was, but I know she struggled emotionally and never felt at ease.

Think about it: What makes a program like Alcoholics Anonymous so successful? It’s based on the consistent showing up to meetings; the commitment to that. The allowing yourself to be seen. To connect. To listen and to be heard.

At some point there’s acceptance and the realisation that nothing and nobody is perfect. There will always be obstacles to navigate – and that’s OK.

Tomorrow Never Comes; How’s Today Going?

There is a lot going on in the world – and you know what? There always has been. The mind is fragile and the body can let us down, but in the long run, commitment always leads to freedom.