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Practising handstands might be safer on a soft surface.

Avoiding Handstand Injuries

I love handstands and they are fun (depending on your idea of fun of course), but let’s not confuse gymnastics with Yoga. Being able to handstand is… just being able to handstand! The important thing is, can we have fun and avoid injury?


What Bothers You?

After a very strange, difficult and unusual year, it’s finally 2021! Even if we rarely make serious New Year’s resolves, I do think we all have intentions, goals and dreams…


So What Does Hatha Vinyasa Krama Mean Exactly?

The word “Hatha” pretty much means the same as Yin/Yang except it’s Ha/Tha (pronounced ta, not tha). Some poses and exercises are heating and more dynamic, others might be cooling…

Yoga Nelson Bay and Port Stephens

Offering yoga Nelson Bay and Port Stephens area. Yogasphere is the leading yoga studio in the Nelson Bay area. Whether a beginner or regular yoga enthusiast, Yogasphere can help you improve your health and wellbeing. Learn from a leading yoga instructor and one of Australia's most experienced yoga teachers- Nikki Shilling. Join the casual classes or the full term program. Online yoga sessions are also available each week.

Try Yoga and start feeling the benefits straight away. Yoga helps manage stress, anxiety and fear. With regular practice it helps build a fitter, more flexible, stronger & healthier body. Contact Yogasphere today or follow us on Facebook!