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Yoga Online

Welcome to Yogasphere online classes!

To begin, you will need to create a Vimeo account. This is free – it won’t cost you anything! If you are not sure, scroll to the bottom of this page where there is an easy video which explains clearly how to access Vimeo and subscribe to my On Demand classes – only $10 per month!  Each instructed segment has been created so that you can do little bits during the day or week when you have time. The exercises and postures are explained clearly and slowly so that you can really focus on improving your alignment and activating all the “tweaks” you may miss in a flowing-style class. This stuff will make a massive difference to your practice. Alternatively, piece the segments together to form a longer session. We will continue to add segments and classes as we create them. If you have a smart TV it may be possible for you to watch these more easily on the Vimeo App.

The purpose of these instructed yoga classes and sequences is to supplement – rather than replace – regular class attendance with a qualified teacher. In most instances, these videos offer full instruction (unless advised otherwise) and modifications will sometimes be offered. Please work at your own level and try to be patient. The majority of our online classes and segments are not remedial and are intended as a guide. This style of yoga generally suits those people who enjoy good health and have a reasonable level of fitness.

These classes may not be suitable for those suffering injuries or certain medical conditions. Please check with your health practitioner if you are not sure.

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