Ah Summertime....!

Hey there aspiring Yogis,

We are here to make sure your body and mind go the distance!

Longterm transformation begins with one conscious decision that turns into a positive habit.

Often it's that one, seemingly small thing that we stick with; that one thing that we make time for, that ends up rewiring our unconscious patterning. That's when the magic happens and we start to see small, organic shifts in many other aspects of our life. We don't need to force it, we just need to let it flow.

Would you like to try a form of movement-based Yoga taught from a more natural but yet modern perspective? A Yoga style that knows your Western body is different to a traditional, natural Yoga body?  An energy-flow that works WITH your nervous system, not against it?

YogaSphere offers a number of Therapeutic-vinyasa (flowing) style classes and courses, as well as private, one-on-one Yoga coaching sessions and pre-organised, personal group classes. Now and again, we offer specific workshops andY immersions.

More info about Yoga therapy, private & Corporate Classes

We KNOW and UNDERSTAND what we do and why it is we do it! Consistency is the key.

I am PASSIONATE about this style of yoga and how the benefits unfold over the longterm.

However, I also get that signing up for a whole term  can feel scary and like a BIG decision! You have my word that I will happily REFUND your money if, once the Yoga course finishes, you truly feel as if there is absolutely nothing positive to report.

*NB: Important: Please read and consider our terms and conditions regarding make-up classes, class passes and suitability BEFORE booking in. 

Classes are held at our dedicated Yoga and Healthy Lifestyle studio, 18 Melaleuca Drive, One Mile. Equipment, including mats and blankets are available to borrow. However, you are welcome to BYO everything.

Important information for attendees

  • Please be aware that the timetable shows our  normal term-time scheduled classes.  However, during school holidays, classes may not run to this schedule. During schoolies, our regular classes will not show up on the daily calendar. Please contact us or check the updated weekly schedule on the website to see what events/classes are running.
  • Classes always begin on time. Always. Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior – particularly if you are a new student – in order to set up, relax and/or talk to the teacher if you need to. To participate in a group class, students need to be feeling well and in good physical health. If you are not sure, please call to discuss before attending.