Get More Energy & Enjoy Better Health Outcomes!

As you probably know, all Yoga classes are different and some  just feel too hard on the average, tight-hipped 21st century body, while others may leave us feeling like we've done nothing!

More than 25 years of teaching, practising and learning later, I've developed an energy-based, flowing style that's dynamic, and warming, yet completely accessible (for most people).

Every posture and exercise (vinyasa) prepares the muscles / physiology for the next posture or exercise which means your problem areas - such as the hips and lower back - feel much better without painful stretching.

Our gorgeous studio is located at One Mile, Port Stephens (close to Nelson Bay). Come and try a class! I promise you that after just a few weeks of regular attendance, you will notice improvements in your focus, strength, flexibility, range of movement and balance. You will also begin to realise the power of your breath and develop better postural awareness.

Unlike the gym, Yoga sessions incorporate "takeaways". That is, things you learn that improve your entire life overall.

Why Does This Matter?

Over time you will begin to sleep better and digest your food more easily. You will feel more relaxed Your nervous system will be able to function at its best level which means all your systems are no longer in sleep mode.

Is Yoga Good For Weight Management?

No doubt, after a few weeks you will also find that you desire less food and tend towards lighter options. Indeed, a side effect of regular Yoga practise can be losing weight!

I Like Fast & Furious Exercise!

Look, I know you run on adrenaline, I get it, however, adrenaline is not infinite and too much of it puts pressure on the entire NS. This is risky for health outcomes, because the NS is more or less the operating system for our entire body.

This is especially the case for women of a certain age: Girls, what are you doing? Why continually deplete yourselves?  Seriously, wouldn't you prefer to stay juicy? Add to - as opposed to drain - the petrol in your tank?

What If I Can't Do It?

This is unlikely if you are averagely fit with a normal range of movement. Our sequences are based on traditional Yoga and qi gong, combined with science-based, exercise-physiology  and are designed with your very modern body in mind.

No matter what your level of ability, you will continually be offered adaptations and modifications, whether easier or deeper.

Hand on heart, I promise that this system will nourish your entire being – provided you listen carefully to the teacher!*

*Consistency is the key; please know that if you are too casual, you won’t reap the benefits of your Yoga practice!


I am not offering Casual or Term classes - for now. If you head over here, you will get some descriptions of what is available.

As I am currently working more or less full time hours during the day and have left my studio behind in Port Stephens to reside in Newcastle, I am currently only offering private and corporate classes.

But meanwhile, do watch this space as things may change again!

It is extremely important that you always take responsibility for your own body. Competitiveness, pride and/or worrying about what others are doing means it can be hard to stay focussed on you! It is also important to note that these are group rather than remedial classes and therefore not suitable for people with serious injuries or health condition.