So What Does Hatha Vinyasa Krama Mean Exactly?

The word “Hatha” pretty much means the same as Yin/Yang except it’s Ha/Tha (pronounced ta, not tha). Some poses and exercises are heating and more dynamic, others might be cooling and / or more passive. Generally though, our mind serves us better somewhere in the middle.

A “Vinyasa” is a dynamic yoga-based exercise (a fluid movement of sorts) and “Krama” means steps.

In other words Vinyasa-Krama = Intelligent steps towards a “goal”

Our therapeutic, flowing sequences combine traditional Yoga postures & Qi Gong with modern exercise science.

Our sequencing is carefully considered from an applied anatomical and physiological perspective. This means that every single posture and exercise organically preps the body for the next pose or dynamic exercise by releasing specific, relevant muscles.

Provided you pay attention, do not exceed your limitations or buy into thoughts of competitiveness, you will discover that in time, your muscles have lengthened without painful and dangerous feelings of “stretch”  and you have become stronger without as much energy, effort or physical tension. You will discover that your range of movement increases and you feel less clumsy and more fluid. You will sleep more restfully, feel calmer and, even without “aerobics” (what we call “cardio”) you will probably still end up fitter than many of your friends.

This is Hatha Vinaysa-Krama Yoga.

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