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Food / Recipes

Why You Should Activate Your Nuts!

What does it mean to activate your nuts? Yes…yes….titter… of course I wrote it that way just to get your attention! Today I made some almond butter with almonds that I had activated, I don’t usually bother, but, at the risk of sounding like Paleo Pete, it can be a useful thing to do on […]

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Hearty Vegetable Soup with Pearl Barley

We’ve had some beautiful warm and sunny days this winter, but no matter what the day brings, the evenings are always cold enough for soup. It’s my staple at this time of year and you may as well make enough for later.. This is one of my favourites. It’s deliciously thick and hearty and nobody […]

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Coconut Porridge with Banana & Raw Cocoa Nibs

In the cold weather I want to eat warm food for brekkie and I totally love porridge. This is one of my favourite ways to prepare it. When the oats are soaked overnight, they become a lot creamier in texture and like all grains, they are much easier to digest. Research shows that people who eat […]

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Mango & Cashew Salad

The original creator of this salad was Neil Perry for the SMH’s Good Weekend magazine. It’s so tangy and delicious that I make it all the time, but I generally never follow recipes to the letter so it always changes a bit depending on what I have. Neil’s original recipe for example was with macadamias but […]

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Raw Chocolate Organic Fruit & Nut Energy Bites

Finally, here is the recipe for the raw chocolate energy bars I made a few weeks ago as sustenance on an almost 30k walk without having to stop to eat a meal. I wanted to take something that was easy to nibble on the go, wouldn’t feel too filling and contained all the essential ingredients […]

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