Blueberries with Coconut Chia Pudding and Almond Crumble

I’m not perfect; I drink coffee and I like it sweetened. I generally have a little bit of chocolate every day. But I would rather miss a meal than have something with no nutritional value. None of us are going to live forever but right now I do my best to do what is going to make me feel my best ???

What’s not to love about my brekkie version of blueberry crumble with coconut chia pudding? So much delicious goodness in this bowl. You can prepare most of it the evening before if you find yourself rushing around in the morning – but it’s not that complicated or time consuming.


  • Pop a cup or more of blueberries into a bowl (I prefer to use frozen organic – but defrost them or warm so they are room temperature)
  •  Add a large dessert spoon of chia seeds to a cup of coconut milk. Heat super slowly on the stove top for about five minutes or on a low heat in the thermo if you have one. Stir occasionally if on the stove top. Don’t let the mixture get too hot or boil.
  • Add a small squirt of organic vanilla paste (or seeds from a vanilla pod) – optional and coconut sugar, maple syrup or another sweetener to taste.
  • Leave the “pudding” to cool and thicken a little bit more.
  • Meanwhile…..make the Crumble by adding a couple of dessert spoons of almond (or another nut) meal to a frying pan with a little bit of coconut oil or ghee. Add a little desiccated coconut and a sprinkling of coconut sugar to taste. Keep stirring with a spatula. Don’t let the crumble burn.
  • Top berries with chia pudding and sprinkle with the crumble.