The Pose is All About the Massage..

Does Age Have Much to Do with Physical Ability or Fitness?

I find it interesting when I see exercise classes for the “over 50”, since, being in my 40s, and having lots of friends in their 40s, I wonder who decided 50 was the age that people needed to have special exercise class designed just for them! I say this because one of my friends in her mid 40s just completed an Ironman competition along with many other 40 and 50 plus folk.

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Go Natural, Chillax and Look After Your Liver

You might think of stress as being something that happens when we are upset or scared, but it’s not only how we feel about one-off events – that’s just one form of stress. It’s also how we process that stress emotionally. How willing are we to let go of things that don’t really matter? How do we feel day-to-day – for example, about our relationship; where we live or our job?

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Why Practise Nadi Shodhana Pranyama (Alternate Nostril Breathing)?

When you think about it, the body is essentially made up of channels; consider, for example, how blood, air, water, energy information and matter is able to circulate and move. We have a windpipe, intestines, capillaries, arteries, blood vessels and glands – sweat and otherwise – to name but a few. Ayurvedic health science describes many of these as shrotas.

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