Go Natural, Chillax and Look After Your Liver

Using natural products and eating natural, freshly prepared and preferably organic food is another way of lessening of the effects of stress on the physiological body.

You might think of stress as being something that happens when we are upset or scared, but it’s not only how we feel about one-off events – that’s just one form of stress. It’s also how we process that stress emotionally. How willing are we to let go of things that don’t really matter? How do we feel day-to-day – for example, about our relationship; where we live or our job?

World renowned Natural Energy Expert, Master Zhen Hua Yang, put it very succinctly when he asked his workshop group, “Would you like to know how best to cleanse your liver?”.

The room went quiet as we waited to hear the Master’s wisdom, but the answer probably wasn’t what most were expecting as he stated firmly; “Make sure you love your Mother!”

His point being that a life spent feeling constant resentment and anger can be just as dangerous and toxic to the liver as perhaps a life spent drinking too much alcohol.

Then there’s environmental stress – the air that we breathe, pesticides, petrochemicals, heavy metals, technology, fungus, pollens, parasites, viruses, bacteria. There’s the stuff we willingly put into our body – the pill, implants, dodgy food; AND, of course, there’s the stuff we happily put ONTO our skin: antiperspirants, makeup, creams, talcs, tattoo ink – in fact anything containing synthetic ingredients and/or made overseas.

All this stuff has to be processed by the liver so it makes sense to live as natural a life as possible, when it is possible and avoid the stress that we can avoid. This keeps us healthier.

When you eat real food or put something on to your skin that you could actually eat – for example, something that has been handmade, from scratch and is mostly natural and/or organic, you are taking one or two steps towards lessening the effects of stress on your entire physical body.

My hand-made beauty balm is made from scratch and always with love. I tend to use a base of rose hip oil – organic when it’s available.  Do let me know if you would like to try a pot – brilliant price – $15. Winter batch to protect from the dry and cool winds coming soon x