Why You Should Activate Your Nuts!

What does it mean to activate your nuts? Yes…yes….titter… of course I wrote it that way just to get your attention! Today I made some almond butter with almonds that…


Stop Looking….Voila!

From time to time, when life has thrown a few lemons and/or things just don’t feel quite right within us, what do many of us do? We head off on…


How can what we practise on our mat, prepare us for what may happen in our life?

Here’s one of my favourite poses, Parvrtta Janu Sirsasana (Twisting Head to Knee Pose), an easier version of which we are doing in our sequence this term. It’s a beautiful…


Why do Human Bodies Need To Move?

Why do humans need to exercise? It’s a shame if the first thing to pop into your mind was “to burn calories” as it sort of misses the point. Most…


Why is Range of Movement & Flexibility So Important?

A few years ago, I remember a friend saying, “Why do I need to be flexible anyway?”. There are many, many reasons. Firstly, flexibility and mobility enables us to maintain good health by encouraging blood flow and circulation – there is limited blood flow into tense, tight muscles.

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“Dincharya” – Creating a Healthy Routine

According to ayurvedic science, one of the most important things we can do for ourselves in terms of looking after ourselves and preventing illness before it happens, is to adopt a healthy, daily routine – “dincharya”.


Why Yoga Teachers Should Adopt a “Best Practise” Model.

At the end of the 90s, I worked at Dorling Kindersley publishing and we were working on edits for the Australian market of the big, hard cover book by BKS Iyengar. I was asked for some input and added my yoga school at the back. The Australian Iyengees were very cross once the book came out because that school wasn’t specifically “Iyengar, so for future editions, it was changed. But was Iyengar that rigid? it’s probably fair to say that he just described his yoga as “yoga”.


How to Relieve a Niggly Lower Back & Hips…

ack pain and/or hip stiffness or vice versa is the new normal and obviously there are many ingredients, not least the humble chair! If you feel stiff and niggly in your spine at the end of the day when you are in your 30s and have a desk job, imagine what this will feel like 30 years later….


Thoughts & Opinions are just a Reflection of our Own PERSONAL Experiences….

What have you seen, read or heard already this morning that caused you to conclude something about something or someone without question?


To Squeeze and Tense, or Not to Squeeze and Tense?

That is the question…ūü§Ē! I am talking about muscles of course, and this is my perspective, based on my own yoga practise, years of exercise, study and experience. I grew…