Life in Flow; The Freedom of Allowing

Changing your Mind, Changes Everything…

What we think of as our “mind” exists in every single cell of our body.  At its essence, Yoga literally means there is no separation. Everything is one. Not so crazy when  you consider our physical bodies are made up of stardust. The idea of non-separateness can challenge our ego-driven thought processes, but like any philosophy that resonates with us, there are various layers and elements. For example, Yoga is a major part of my life but for me, it certainly doesn’t mean I must be on the mat three hours a day. My rational brain though – as much as possible – tries to frame things from a Yoga perspective. This doesn’t always work of course, but one of the many things this has helped me with, is relinquishing control. I have been an exercise addict, I suffered from a food disorder for seven years. I have experienced panic attacks, feelings of guilt, unworthiness and depression. It seems like another life now, but a lot of this stuff come back to fear and control, yes?

For the past 25 years, my learning curve has involved “allowing the fear, and letting go anyway” – in terms of my inner narrative (that is, something bad will happen if I don’t jump up and down for two hours, swim 2.5km, or if I eat a piece of cheesecake yadda yadda). You see, along with all those people out there whom we may like to think of as unhealthy because they may not eat well or do much exercise, are a whole bunch of others trapped in their thoughts, fearing the worst if they don’t stick to their rigid ideals. Does this sound healthy? I doubt that group live any longer in all honesty!!  It certainly wasn’t the best time of life for me and I feel a lot more content and relaxed these days knowing nothing bad will actually happen if I have a white bread, hot chip sandwich for lunch (last week) provided I am moderate and it doesn’t become a habit. It doesn’t actually make me feel good and I rarely fancy this stuff or even enjoy eating it, so it’s highly unlikely.

The Mighty Ego

It’s worth remembering that the mighty ego can be a mean little doppelgänger. It plays with our heads and is brilliant at making us believe the many things we are fed daily that play on our deeper insecurities. We’ve all got an ego, but how much energy does it deserve? I shove mine in the naughty corner where it belongs as often as possible, because it talks a lot of BS and then I can’t focus on anything else.

Yoga helps. Resolve this year, to stick with some sort of practise, and now, for fun, consider your answers to the questions on this form (devised by my great friend, and Art Therapist, RTT specialist, Lynda Kennedy) relating to intentions and achievements for 2019 and 2020. 

Life is short. You are Ok. Don’t waste it worrying.

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