Yoga in the Time of Corona…(Covid 19)

Relinquish Control. Accept. Take Each Day as it Comes.

Yogis, let’s not stick our heads in the sand. It is time to be sensible and, praise be, nip this thing in the bud. I hope you are on board and understand what a difference it will make to the health of our whole community / country if you stay at home as much as possible and limit (SAY NO to), visitors.

Last week we discussed our current studio classes. This weekend, we have been working on livestream. I feel very lucky to have an in-house technical wizard who can work anything out computer-wise without feeling like they need to raise their voice at the inanimate object in front of them! We have three weeks left of our current course and I will stream those classes live for anyone who is booked in to those classes or lets me know that they are keen to do a livestream class Monday or Thursday morning.

You will get a code and will be able to log into YouTube. You can watch on your TV, phone, Ipad or computer.

Please, don’t give up! Keep your yoga going. I know many of you still imagine it’s just exercise, but it is absolutely not.

When you have counselling or another form of face-to-face therapy for trauma or life issues, you are unpacking memories and working through them. This is all about reframing, observing and actually, just being heard. Deep trauma, as well as “pushed down” or simply invalidated feelings and emotions are often stuck somewhere, embedded deep within the bodymind. In Yoga and Buddhist philosophy, we call these energy cysts “samskaras” (or “ways of being”).

Don’t you just love how that word sounds like “scar”?

Our samskaras are the very reason we act, react or think in certain ways about certain things. They form the essence of our belief systems and contribute to our habitual patterning.

Counselling is fantastic, but it generally involves reliving stuff which can be triggering for some people. A regular Yoga practise (or combination of therapies) can do the same thing gently and subtly, without us even being aware of what’s happening.

Mindful movement unblocks blockages and helps us rewire all those physical and emotional patterns. Not in five minutes of course, but just ask anyone who’s been practising for a long time (and check the research, there is lots).

Quiet time after a physical yoga practise comes easily and you find you just sink. That monumental sensation often experienced during savasana or Yoga Nidra – that is, not quite awake, not quite asleep – is absolutely, a far more profound experience than most of us realise. It’s “here” that we sort things out. It’s where our process of rewiring and reassessment occurs, but on a very deep and subconscious level.

So let’s keep going. This is my YouTube channel. I don’t do much usually, but maybe now is the time!! Also, please do subscribe to my Vimeo Channel where there are more than 20 nicely produced video segments that you can do any time. One month free and $10 per month.