The Benefits of YOGA for Mountain Bikers

There is no denying the benefits of yoga and meditation over the long-term. People who practice regularly tend to heal from injuries faster, have better immunity, more resistance to stress and DHEA levels (an age hormone) of people (apparently) around 12 years younger.

The more physical styles of yoga such as vinyasa – most of which have evolved from Pratabhi Jois’sAstanga Vinyasa sequences – will generally help create and maintain such an incredible amount of strength and fitness in the body, that really, no other form of exercise is really necessary to top it up. However, many yogis I know do practice yoga to back up another sport or form of exercise or dance that they enjoy and aren’t ready to give up just because they are experiencing a few niggles. Some of these folk play soccer or tennis, they run, they surf or really enjoy a good workout at the gym. They report that since starting yoga, they feel less muscle stiffness and soreness in the morning after their sporting activity and have more energy generally.

Recently, Mountain Biking Australia magazine (May June July 2012 issue), dedicated a few pages to yoga for mountain bikers (see image below). Most of us regulars recognize all those poses!

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