On International Women’s Day, Let me just say…

On International Women’s Day can I just state this one, particular digital-age observation; There are tons of amazing (and some not so amazing..) blogs, tips, websites and Facey pages out there written and hosted by women. Some are factual, researched and well written while many are just rubbishy blah blah. But, it is true that all us girls love to share!

Much of this online stuff is inspirational and empowering, but on the downside, there’s also a lot of online female bloggers who leave their readers with an unrealistic impression that the writer is a perfect person living a perfect life in their perfect house with their perfect partner and children. These types of sites can lead many women to question themselves – their parenting, their partnering and many other tricky life issues. But, we should not forget that work and family life leaves little time – or indeed energy – for the majority of those incredibly intelligent, exhausted and wise working mums – those who perhaps truly do have some amazing life experiences to share – to actually sit down and write it….! True? Most wise, incredible and intelligent women I know have no choice but to spend their days getting shit done while hoping there is something left for them at the end of it all!

So, to all of you out there – yes, you amazing, busy female friends, acquaintances, Mummas and Glam-mas, those who run out of day every day and don’t have the the time to sit at a desktop and write prolific, witty and inspirational blogs about your life experiences, believe in YOU first and then make sure you pass that self belief on to this lot (*apart from the crazy photo bomber on the lower right). x