Stop Looking….Voila!

From time to time, when life has thrown a few lemons and/or things just don’t feel quite right within us, what do many of us do? We head off on a kind of pilgrimage. We need to “find” answers. We try this thing, that thing, another thing. We put our trust in people who don’t really know us, sometimes it costs us a fortune, and somehow or other, we really, truly believe that “the thing” we are seeking is out there. Somewhere. Gimmee! Fix me!

For me, these words from the Gita say it all. Give up the goal and hence the struggle. Be here right now. Doing your best. No matter how uncomfortable the sensation, allow the sensation. A sensation cannot hurt anyone! Be your own boss. Stand up to it. Inquire. Give yourself the space to do just that, rather than running, here, there and everywhere, looking, looking, looking… (Come out, come out wherever you are..!). It’s only when we stop looking that we suddenly feel liberated. We discover the sense of ease we have long been seeking was always there; deep down maybe, but simply hidden in plain sight.