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Easy Poached Pear with bircher-style oats and almond crumble

This is so easy and you can prep the eve before or do a small batch to last a few days.

– Soak a handful of organic oats in water or milk or coconut/whatever milk overnight.

– Cook the oats in the morning – add more liquid if you need.

– Pop the sliced, peeled pears (firm is better) in a pan with a tiny bit of water, low heat, cover and poach until soft. Add blueberries, raspberries or whatever. Stir in a bit of chia if you want.

– To make the almond crumble just lightly dry fry some almond or other nut or seed meal with a small amount of coconut sugar, stir constantly (takes about 1-2 minutes but you will know by the smell). Sprinkle on top.


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