Thoughts & Opinions are just a Reflection of our Own PERSONAL Experiences….

What have you seen, read or heard already this morning that caused you to conclude something about something or someone without question?

We all do it; virtually every minute of every day. It’s worth realising though, that although we all tend to identify with our long-held beliefs and opinions and think we are correct in how we see things, most conclusions are simply based on our own unique perspective. In other words, how we process information has been moulded through nurture, environment and personal experience. When we get stuck in some kind of parochial belief system without questioning why, we are essentially sabotaging our own personal development.

It’s really important to understand how the psyche works and how easy it is to be manipulated. Be always on your own case and challenge / be mindful of what thoughts your brain tends to conjures up. This is called “svadhyaya” (self study). What we “believe” has nothing to do with truth or fact. Beliefs are absolutely, totally idiosyncratic – which means our own mind is potentially holding us prisoner 🙏🕉❤️