Whatever Else You Do, You MUST do This Occasionally…

“Practice ‘not-doing’ and everything will fall into place”
– Lao Tzu

Its surprising how many chronic health conditions are stress-related, but typically, what kind of things would we normally describe as stressful?

It’s possible that the first things we think of are more obvious, such as divorce or separation, moving house, death of a loved one, new baby, money worries or work issues. Certainly, these types of stressors may seriously affect our sense of well-being. Apart from anything else, worrying about stuff usually interrupts our normal sleep patterns meaning that other smaller day-to-day things that would normally be shrugged off, could  be amplified to seem like much bigger dramas.

But what about other stressors that don’t immediately spring to mind? Environmental stressors such as air and water pollution, plastics, additives, diet?

What about implants? Tattoos? The pill? Other medication? Your computer? That phone that you can’t stop looking at?

What about lifestyle? Family? Sitting hunched over a desk for hours each day. Ditto, sitting in a vehicle. Having to deal with lots of other people? Exercising way too much or not at all?  Feeling as if every spare moment must be filled with something.

And then wondering why it is we so often  feel tired and drained.

Instead of putting coins into a swear box, maybe we should start to put money into a box every time we hear ourselves lament “I’m so busy..”

What a badge of honour this has become! How often do we hear about people with lots of kids,a house to maintain, studying, working, running a business (or two) on the side..chairing a charity or coaching the local soccer team…etc etc..Wow, it can make some of us feel like we too should take on even more.

But adrenal fatigue is real and it’s a serious problem in our society. It’s been linked to digestive issues, depression, anxiety, thyroid problems, low immunity, inflammation of the skin and in the body. It also causes system sensitivity meaning we may find ourselves suddenly allergic to foods, pets or something environmental.  For women especially, adrenal problems mean we are more susceptible to  female/ endocrine cancers and other chronic health conditions. Women are not men!

And we may love it and be addicted to it, but adrenaline highs are a bit like sugar highs and easy to confuse with proper, sustainable energy.  What it is though, is a burst of euphoria that if we continually overdo, may leave our system depleted  as we suffer the effects of total burn out.

So, replenish occasionally and remember to book this in too.