How Yogasana Works!

I always tend to offer poses and exercises that are more accessible to the majority in class, so we don’t usually practise this asana – bhujapidasana (swing) pose as part of a sequence, although we may do subtle variations of it in a more doable way that simply recreates the subtle yet powerful activations. Either way, it is another perfect example of how and why “yogasana” works on a physical and physiological level.

For example:

  • Strength building in the form of resistance and “body weight-training”.
  • Focus and concentration (drishti) = mind transformation on a deep level which helps reduce anxiety, improves memory and sleep patterns and enhances physical power and level of ability.
  • Maintaining a calm demeanour while executing something reasonably intense and potentially “stressful” – “sthiram/sukham” (a sweet spot that helps us build confidence and emotional/physical resilience). In other words all the tools we need to help us deal with daily life and all of its challenges without losing our shiat!
  • Balance and coordination (see all of the above)
  • Flexibility and range of movement (see all of the above)

More for less. This is energy efficiency. Yes please!