What Causes Stiffness & Physical Tension in Our Body?

What causes physical tension in our body and what kind of chain reaction can occur?

Obviously these things are cyclical just like the chicken and egg, but to offer a few examples, physical tension may be caused by unnatural posture such as sitting for extended periods, or tasks that require constant micro-movements.

It’s also the case that if particular muscles are weak, the joints and tendons won’t have much support, so to counteract those aches that are due to muscle fatigue, we may slump or alternatively, hold certain parts of our body rigid – which blocks the energy, impinges blood flow and creates more tension.

It’s important to understand that the nervous system is a communication pathway between the brain and all other parts of the body. It should probably be revered and nurtured rather than constantly pounded! It’s also important to understand that physical pain and a feeling of tightness in our muscles is often a warning that something isn’t quite right right.

Our muscles are dependent on this communication in order that we can move safely. For example, young and healthy people generally have the ability to save themselves from hitting the ground if about to trip over. So, bearing all this in mind, it’s imperative to understand that how and what we think and our state of mind, has the power to create immense physical tension in our body and that over time, the nature of our thoughts could distort the ability of our nerve pathways to communicate effectively. This means  that we could end up in a situation where we suffer ongoing chronic pain or even, quite possibly, a neurological illness or condition.

A couple of years ago in class, just after a relaxation, a woman told me that she had suddenly experienced a lump in her throat. She told me that she was left with the feeling but couldn’t remember the thought… Wow! This is significant because our thoughts are incessant, and if we never allow ourselves time to reboot and to be aware of this stuff, we may never comprehend how powerful it is and how it could seriously affect our health during the course of our life.

Yoga enhances this level of communication while strengthening the body and creates a powerful sense of physical and emotional awareness.