Taking Back Control with Yoga

When it comes to back pain, there are many sufferers and lots of ingredients, including posture and our modern “sitting” lifestyle.


Why Inviting Nanna Will Help Balance Your Dynamic Practise..

Most long-term, fit yogis love a challenging and dynamic yoga practice. But it is also fair to say that many do get injured from time to time. Donna Farhi hurt her neck as a young student while practising a headstand and still suffers with neck pain on occasion.


It Could Be the Best Health Elixir Known to Man and it’s FREE

Regular meditators and/or yoga practitioners have been found to have DHEA levels (an age-hormone) of people around 12 years younger. Well now that I have your interest, arn’t you wondering what and why?


Sugar is POISON!

Apparently. So imagine how excited I was to discover low GI organic coconut sugar in the health food shop, Coconut sugar contains magnesium – which you need for calcium absorption…

The Benefits of YOGA for Mountain Bikers

There is no denying the benefits of yoga and meditation over the long-term. People who practice regularly tend to heal from injuries faster, have better immunity, more resistance to stress…


Why Are Yogis Thinner Than Average?

Long-term yogis are generally trimmer than the average person and although some run and do other things for fun, most are not pounding the pavement or hitting the treadmills in their efforts to stay fit or to lose weight. So what is this about?