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Health Matters

Introduction to Ayurveda (The Ancient Science of Self-Healing)

Just like its sister science, yoga, Ayurveda is a completely holistic system stemming from the Rig-Veda, one of India’s most ancient philosophical texts which is thought to have been written sometime between 4500 and 1600 BC. The text contains a collection of works recorded by many great sages who were concerned about human health and wellness. Much of what these ancient sages believed to be true about human anatomy and physiology has been confirmed these days by modern science.

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Hardcore or Soft Centre? Why Opting for Balance is More Sustainable

Intellectually we understand what is meant by the words sustain and balance, and we use them constantly. But what do they really mean? Sustain: Support, bear the weight of (for a long period), encourage, give nourishment, going continuously, maintain.

 Sustainable: ..[which] conserves an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.

 Balance: Stability of body or […]

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Why Oral Hygiene is So Important

According to yoga and ayurvedic philosophy, abiding by a healthy, daily routine (dincharya) and incorporating certain rituals are important if we are to live well and remain on the straight and narrow. This is the essence of the niyama tapas – which essentially means that we should always try to do our best (another interpretation of tapas is “burning enthusiasm”). In short, […]

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The Secret to Happiness? Enough with The Striving (You’re Good Enough Already)

To strive is to constantly feel there is something we haven’t quite got yet, but when/if we do get it, we will feel better. If we keep striving, we (believe we) will get “there”. “Here” is obviously no good. Eventually, one day, we will fill the empty space that gnaws at us. All will be well and we will finally be happy and content. Unfortunately, once we are “there”, “there” is suddenly here again, but, hey, look over there , because once again, over there seems better…Mmm…

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What is Really Meant By Cardio-Vascular Health & Fitness?

Cardio-Vascular fitness is obtained or maintained by enhancing blood circulation and optimising the ability of our organs and muscles to efficiently move oxygen around the body and into the cells.

Yogic health science might describe oxygen and blood as citta or prana, traditional Chinese Medicine as qi. But what’s interesting here is that although we hear over and over again that we should be “raising our heart rate” (in order to be able to achieve the above), we also KNOW that the healthiest people – elite athletes, yogis, divers – tend to have the lowest, resting heart rates. The resting heart rates of unhealthy or anxious people however – for example those with lots of medical problems due to lifestyle, diet or illness – may be higher than average.

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