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Health Matters

Yoga in the Time of Corona…(Covid 19)

Relinquish Control. Accept. Take Each Day as it Comes. Yogis, let’s not stick our heads in the sand. It is time to be sensible and, praise be, nip this thing in the bud. I hope you are on board and understand what a difference it will make to the health of our whole community / […]

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Life in Flow; The Freedom of Allowing

Changing your Mind, Changes Everything… What we think of as our “mind” exists in every single cell of our body.  At its essence, Yoga literally means there is no separation. Everything is one. Not so crazy when  you consider our physical bodies are made up of stardust. The idea of non-separateness can challenge our ego-driven […]

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Why Optimal Breathing is LESS Breathing…

Contrary to what you might think, deep, excessive breathing, particularly through the mouth (hyperventilation) is dodgy because it brings in way more oxygen than the body can actually use. This excess oxygen doesn’t end up in your cells. What over-breathing does do though is constrict the blood vessels, block circulation, increase heart rate and BPR […]

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Why You Should Activate Your Nuts!

What does it mean to activate your nuts? Yes…yes….titter… of course I wrote it that way just to get your attention! Today I made some almond butter with almonds that I had activated, I don’t usually bother, but, at the risk of sounding like Paleo Pete, it can be a useful thing to do on […]

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Stop Looking….Voila!

From time to time, when life has thrown a few lemons and/or things just don’t feel quite right within us, what do many of us do? We head off on a kind of pilgrimage. We need to “find” answers. We try this thing, that thing, another thing. We put our trust in people who don’t […]

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Why Yoga Teachers Should Adopt a “Best Practise” Model.

At the end of the 90s, I worked at Dorling Kindersley publishing and we were working on edits for the Australian market of the big, hard cover book by BKS Iyengar. I was asked for some input and added my yoga school at the back. The Australian Iyengees were very cross once the book came out because that school wasn’t specifically “Iyengar, so for future editions, it was changed. But was Iyengar that rigid? it’s probably fair to say that he just described his yoga as “yoga”.

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