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Health Matters

It’s all in the hips….

This is kind of an upside-down, handstand version of baddha konasana and I much prefer the supine version to be honest; the one where you lie down and relax and do it as a restorative pose. You can support the knees with blankets or blocks to make it feel comfortable and it encourages the flow […]

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Pièce de Résistance!

What does it mean to create “resistance” when practising physical yoga exercises and how does it work? Most people understand the value of resistance training in a fitness class and may use equipment to do it, but you don’t need any really, because it is possible to use your own body and I love the […]

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The Guts of it….

How many everyday sayings that relate to some kind of emotion come back to a physical feeling in the tummy? – I had butterflies in my stomach – I felt like I had swallowed a lead balloon -I felt sick with fear – It was like being kicked in the guts – What’s eating away […]

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Does Social Media Lead to Depression?

There’s been some research and discussion in the past few years that links internet and particularly social media in teens with depression, but is it just young people who are vulnerable? I do think it’s important to realise how insidious certain practises can be without us realising. Little things that start as a now-and-then pastime […]

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A Little Bit of Yoga History, Part 2

The harder and more intense the physical challenge, the higher the standard – and I am not just referring to yoga practise here -the more time and effort is required to maintain it. Hence, in my experience, many high level Astanga-vinyasa practitioners and teachers seem either to be men or women without children. In fact, it’s fair to say I’ve met many along the way who probably had some kind of family income as they didn’t seem to have to earn a living.

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A Little Bit of Yoga History, Part 1

Understanding yoga #1 This term began with quite a few newer yogis but even though many had done some yoga before, I realised there was still a lack of understanding about the history of yoga – stuff I often (mistakenly perhaps) believe lots of people just know! I guess sometimes that is what happens when […]

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