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Health Matters

A Little Bit of Yoga History, Part 2

The harder and more intense the physical challenge, the higher the standard – and I am not just referring to yoga practise here -the more time and effort is required to maintain it. Hence, in my experience, many high level Astanga-vinyasa practitioners and teachers seem either to be men or women without children. In fact, it’s fair to say I’ve met many along the way who probably had some kind of family income as they didn’t seem to have to earn a living.

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A Little Bit of Yoga History, Part 1

Understanding yoga #1 This term began with quite a few newer yogis but even though many had done some yoga before, I realised there was still a lack of understanding about the history of yoga – stuff I often (mistakenly perhaps) believe lots of people just know! I guess sometimes that is what happens when […]

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The Essence of Yoga & Ayurvedic Health Science

If you have never heard of the term ayurveda, or you have, but are not sure what it is exactly, you might be interested to understand a little of the philosophy and thought behind yogic health and ayurveda, its sister science. Just as Traditional Chinese Medicine offers natural alternatives towards better health outcomes, ayurveda is the ancient […]

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Trust Me… (I’m Not Making This Up!)

Hands up who watches “Trust Me I’m A Doctor”? If so, you will know that last night, among other stuff, there was an interesting study on joint pain etc which kind of proved that the most beneficial thing was to make sure you did strengthening exercises around the area. This is an important thing to […]

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How do we get More Oxygen into our Blood?

Healthy blood cells contain more oxygen, but how do we get more oxygen into our cells? You might imagine that we just simply breathe more – as in we tend to be aware that we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. But inhalation has very little to do with storing or “holding on” (to) oxygen […]

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What is Meditation Really?

All health seekers understand that meditation is good for us, but what image do we conjure up in our brain when we consider what it means? I had a conversation with someone last night who suggested that it was good, sometimes, to be “forced” into stillness if you were an otherwise “busy” person. In other […]

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