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Tagged: “yogabody”

Life in Flow; The Freedom of Allowing

Changing your Mind, Changes Everything… What we think of as our “mind” exists in every single cell of our body.  At its essence, Yoga literally means there is no separation. Everything is one. Not so crazy when  you consider our physical bodies are made up of stardust. The idea of non-separateness can challenge our ego-driven […]

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Why Optimal Breathing is LESS Breathing…

Contrary to what you might think, deep, excessive breathing, particularly through the mouth (hyperventilation) is dodgy because it brings in way more oxygen than the body can actually use. This excess oxygen doesn’t end up in your cells. What over-breathing does do though is constrict the blood vessels, block circulation, increase heart rate and BPR […]

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Stop Looking….Voila!

From time to time, when life has thrown a few lemons and/or things just don’t feel quite right within us, what do many of us do? We head off on a kind of pilgrimage. We need to “find” answers. We try this thing, that thing, another thing. We put our trust in people who don’t […]

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How to Relieve a Niggly Lower Back & Hips…

ack pain and/or hip stiffness or vice versa is the new normal and obviously there are many ingredients, not least the humble chair! If you feel stiff and niggly in your spine at the end of the day when you are in your 30s and have a desk job, imagine what this will feel like 30 years later….

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Yoga & Pregnancy – Okay or Not?

Yoga and pregnancy make for an interesting combo. Firstly, there are those who believe pregnancy and yoga go together like strawberries and cream and it’s a great time to start. On the other hand, there are lots of regular yogis who suddenly disappear the moment, they find out, worried that they won’t be able to […]

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Vinyasa- Krama = Intelligent Sequencing

Do your hamstrings feel tight and tense sometimes? For a reasonably flexible person, my hamstrings have always felt stiff, but how can this be resolved bearing in mind that “stretching” tight, short muscles is generally ineffective? Just the other day I read an article detailing the results of a recent experiment that demonstrated stretching made […]

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