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Yoga Philosophy

The Guts of it….

How many everyday sayings that relate to some kind of emotion come back to a physical feeling in the tummy? – I had butterflies in my stomach – I felt like I had swallowed a lead balloon -I felt sick with fear – It was like being kicked in the guts – What’s eating away […]

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A Little Bit of Yoga History #3 – Astanga: The Eight Limbs

(Image by Coby Jones) So what exactly does the word “astanga” mean? In accordance with Patanjali’s yoga sutras, the definition of the sanskrit word “astanga” is “eight limbs”  and Astanga-Yoga consists of eight components.   Patajanli is sometimes described as “The Father of Modern Yoga (you can read my short piece about him  here). According to Patanjali the eight limbs of yoga are: Yama […]

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A Little Bit of Yoga History, Part 2

The harder and more intense the physical challenge, the higher the standard – and I am not just referring to yoga practise here -the more time and effort is required to maintain it. Hence, in my experience, many high level Astanga-vinyasa practitioners and teachers seem either to be men or women without children. In fact, it’s fair to say I’ve met many along the way who probably had some kind of family income as they didn’t seem to have to earn a living.

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What is Meditation Really?

All health seekers understand that meditation is good for us, but what image do we conjure up in our brain when we consider what it means? I had a conversation with someone last night who suggested that it was good, sometimes, to be “forced” into stillness if you were an otherwise “busy” person. In other […]

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Do Chakras Really Exist?

Do chakras exist and what does it mean to “balance” , “open” or “activate” them? Let’s face it, it’s unlikely the chakras exist the way they are depicted in most images but if we can suspend our disbelief for one moment, we could accept that many ancient cultures were incredibly sage. It appears they managed to work out […]

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Yoga, Gut Health & What the Ancients Knew…

Being Human The best – and perhaps the worst – thing about being a human being is our brain and sense of consciousness. We can think, we have ideas, we imagine, discover, create and evolve. The downside is that human consciousness is at the source of ego. And it’s our ego combined with our imagination that often totally gets the […]

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